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My name is John Dougherty and I have lived in this area since 1976. Our family has been in the restaurant business for over 45 years and I have been a part of Nardonne’s for over 30 of them.

About 10 years ago, I went into buying and selling from estate sales as a side business, back when they where in-person. For me, it was a very exciting business and I appreciated interacting with people, but I started to notice a trend that I didn’t like. I started to get calls from the clients of auction companies asking me if I could help them dispose of the remaining things in their home.

My business partner and I started to buy out the remaining items at sales that didn’t sell. I always thought that estate sale companies should be full service and when the sale was over the house would be empty for there clients. But I found out that many companies were simply making easy money and leaving the client with all the junk. I did not think this was acceptable because I felt estate companies were taking advantage of families, their vulnerability and grief at their lowest time. So I started my own part time business on a part time scale to offer a full service estate sale that would leave the clients with no stress at the end. I believe that every family that goes through this process should be treated with the utmost respect and made to feel that they are not just another number.

A few years later I had to phase out of the business due to the fact that we purchased back our original Nardonne’s franchise in Atascadero because the owner wanted to retire. Our family continued to run Nardonne’s restaurant until May of this year when we closed the Atascadero location for good.

So now I’m back and this is my full time business. I am bringing a full service experience that will give my clients the piece of mind that all their needs will be met. Our company will prioritize great customer service over a high quantity of sales. I believe providing a high quality product and exceptional customer service is what makes a successful business. We are also very excited to have partnered up with Jacks Helping Hand, a local non profit organization. We will be donating a portion of our profits to this amazing organization.